Jury wyróżniło prace dwóch uczennic: Magdaleny Mirońskiej z klasy 3a oraz Wiktorii Wójcickiej z klasy 2e. Konkurs miał na celu popularyzację języka angielskiego oraz promocję naszego liceum. Prace fotograficzne wraz z opisem możecie obejrzeć poniżej. Konkurs zorganizowały panie Anetta Klepacka-Miler oraz pani Anna Szyszka.

Uczennicom serdecznie gratulujemy!

[English below]

Magdalena Mirońska
Reasons why I like PRUS:

1) For lots of plants, in the hall and in the classrooms (as you can see in the photo) Red geranium and epipremnum, for example. Contact with greenery is very important!
2) For the sinuous hall that make getting from one end of the school to the other a challenge game and promote physical fitness after a lazy lock down year.
3) The filling 'zapiekankas' that give strength for headwork - a roll of carbs, a vegetable salad full of vitamins - a balanced meal at an affordable price.
4) For the graphic (in 24 classroom) about the stellar evolution, which when I look at it makes me think of a cool song about stars.
5) For the trees on the school's backyard - a very pleasant window view, especially in the fall.
6) For the good location = easier access by public transport, which is definitely a better option for the environment than arriving on your own.
7) Just for the building, even if it is old-fashioned. It has its own unique 'aesthetic' like on the Pinterest app.
8) For the people with passions, smiles and helping hand for others.
9) For the dormitory. You can meet there kind people and listen to some interesting songs in the shower or someone singing. (it also happens sometimes). Greetings for the third floor!
10) For the school canteen with yummy main dishes and soups. You can have there really interesting conversations, not necessarily about food.



Wiktoria Wójcicka, kl. 2e 

Why do I like „Prus”?

 I am happy to be a student of the Boleslaw Prus Secondary School I attend. This place is filled with a nice and familiar atmosphere. In the corridor I meet a lot of sociable students and really understanding professors. I love spending my time there because I feel like I am at home. Each day spent at my school is a day full of impressions and newly acquired skills. Another greatest advantage of the school is that I can learn foreign languages correctly and properly while spending my busy time. That is why I consider my school as a lighthouse of knowledge. But it does not only focus on teaching. It also emphasizes on my and my collegues' overall development so that we can be sure of our decisions and choices. I am proud I go to this school and discover new things again and again.